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What is Bhaktiatsu?

-Table Shiatsu-

Discover how to locate and know the functions of all 12 meridians and how you can treat each of these meridians effectively.

Discover how to put together an entire treatment without exhausting yourself or hurting your hands and wrists.


Meridian Primer

Discover the 12 Meridians - their location on the body, what they do and what pathologies are associated with them...

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COVID-19 MasterClass

Learn the powerful methods to protect against COVID-19 so it does not get in and how to recover if you have had it.
Avoid long term health challenges from COVID-19. 

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About Bhaktiatsu

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Bhaktiatsu is the Bodywork Practice of TJ Frank.

It has two major lineages.

First, Zen Shiatsu that TJ studied and has since been practicing for 18+ years.

Second, the practice combines the Bhakti Yoga - devotional service to Spirit as taught by Ram Dass and Neem Karoli Baba

TJ does incorporate acupuncture within his sessions however it is not a requirement to be licensed to needle in order to learn Bhaktiatsu.