-what is-

"The Art of Listening"
Shiatsu is the application of body weight on to meridians.
Both hands are on the same meridian, one of which is listening to what is going on in the meridian..And the other is playing and releasing the meridian.


The stimulation of the body's meridian system using needles. These points are documented over many thousands of years to have different effects on the body. Some points tonify the body, some release the body and are used to bring harmony back to the meridians.

-Qi gong-
Qi Gong is the movement of Qi. This can be done with thought, breathing and movement. Some Qi Gong forms are very physical with movements. Some Qi Gong is very breathing based.
Some Qi Gong is purely internal and involves just pure thought. All are powerful practices! 
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Bhakti is the practice of Devotional Service to God.
This form of yoga is commonly seen modelled by Hanuman, who appears in the story of the Ramayana.
It is a path of the Heart.

About your Teacher - TJ Frank

TJ started his medical training 20 years ago in emergency medicine as an EMT. He was further drawn into medicine at UC Davis through his Pre-medicine Bachelor's education with a degree in Cognitive Neuroscience, the study of consciousness and the physical brain.

TJ worked in Western Medicine for 14 years, at hospitals in multiple fields of study including emergency medicine, forensics, cardiovascular wellness education, laboratory medicine and diagnostics. This extensive exploration led him to graduate school in Chinese Medicine, a professional home where he could dedicate his life force fully from a place of joy.

Through Chinese Medicine he found the concept of treating the root of a problem instead of just the symptoms. He found a field of study that incorporated the mind and body into the methods of diagnosis and treatment.

In graduate school TJ began a study of Zen Shiatsu. This combined with Acupuncture and Chinese Medical Theory started forming a new medicine within him. His devout training in Qigong, Chinese Movement Meditation, was the next important ingredient that taught him how to cultivate and move energy in himself and for others.

TJ graduated with a Master's Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine including Shiatsu, Chinese Medical Theory, Qigong, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Dietary Therapy. Post-graduate he traveled to study at 3 different hospitals in Nanjing, China, integrating Acupuncture, Massage and Herbal Medicine with modern biomedicine. This commenced 3 years of international travel to practice and study in many countries including India, Thailand, Nepal, Austria, Ireland and the U.S.

It was through this period of integration and personal and spiritual discovery that his adaptation of Zen Shiatsu found its form. He has lived on the beautiful island of Maui for 10 years, serving the world's community.

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